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Calculate the charge on each c...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : a. Fig a. `V_6=90/3=30V, q_6=6xx30=180muC` <br> `V_3=90/3=30V` <br> `q_3=30xx3=90muC` <br> Fig b. Capacitor `1muF` is short circuited. <br> Therefore `q_1=0` <br> `V_26=(20/(20+20+10))xx100=40V` <br> This `40V` will distribute in inverse ratio of capacity. <br> `:. V_6=2/8xx40=10V` <br> `V_2=6/8xx40=30V` <br> `:. q_6=60muC, q_2=60muC` <br> b. Fig a When `S` is open `6muF` is short-circuited <br> or `V_6=0, q_6=0` <br> and `V_3=90V, q_3=270muC` <br> Fig b. When `S` is open `V_1=100V` <br> `q_1=100muC` <br> `V_26=100V` <br> `:.V_6=2/8xx100=25V` <br> and `V_2=6/8xx100=75V` <br> `:. q_6=150muC, q_2=150muC` <br> Further, `V_A-0=V_2` <br> `:. V_A=V_2=75V`


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the question is calculate the charge on each capacitor and the potential difference across it in the circuit shown in the figure for the cases in the first case we have given switch S is closed ok and then after we have given switch Asus open OK then the both cases we have to calculate the potential difference across ok and aur across each capacitor ok and charge ok both of quantities we have to calculate let's try to solve this question one by one in the very first we have to ask about the charge and the potential difference when the switch is closed ok so what happen when the switch is closed the switch S is closed if it is close to from here the current is flowing in the circuit something like this ok that simply means the circuit is completed here OK when the switch is closed as you can see this the here the capacitor 6

coronavirus is in parallel with the hundred and this three microfarad is in parallel with the hundred the next register ok now we can say this here is a potential difference of this one is B1 ok if the potential difference of 6 microfarad is B1 show the potential difference of the hundred on is also even because the potential difference is same in the parallel connection ok similarly if I say if the potential difference of this three micro Farad is b22 this will be all the same for the hundred hundred Amritsar that is P2 ok also you can assume that the charge on this 6 microfarad is given and similarly for the three micro Farad the charges Q 2q now we have quantities that is we 12146 microfarad V1 q14 6 microfarad and we have to and you two or three micro Farad capacitor

ok now let's try to find the current in the circuit first so to find the current in the circuit as we know that current is it shall upon RV is equal to why are we have to give we have given that 90 and R is what is the resistance resistance is what here you can see is the hundred on this hundred on this hundred an adequate and is what all three resistance are connected in series at least 100 + 100 + 100 that could be equal to what 300 so the value of the Rs 300 2020 cancelled with each other 9 by 30 is what 0.3 a 0.3 ampere is the current is flowing in the circuit fasting ok by using this we can find out the value of V1 and V2 similarly the value of the V1 is what we equals to I into are so I into our is what hundred of so I is given to us that is 0.3 and

are is what hundred Om petrol v30 V ok similarly we do you can also calculate that is why into our is also hundred a 20.3 in 200 that is also a image before we even as 30 volt ok so we have V1 and V2 similar to you can calculate the Cuban so cute is what we call to seem to be Q1 is C in to be 151 Bhiwani ok fever is given to 6 microfarad and V1 is 30 it is equal to what 180 so if the capacitance in micro to charges also in micro ok so it will be microcoulomb ok similarly cutu cutu is what c2v to so C2 is given to us that is 3 microfarad and V2 1.34 13 23 is 90 microcoulombs ok so this is basically answer of your first first question that we have asked when the switch is closed now

second we have all that's which is open OK when the switch is open what happen when the switch is open or gift celeste open this which ok so when you open the switch the value of the current Is your potential is will be same for all the first thing is what potential is it same ok in second n s potential is saying that simply means that we oneplus V2 should be equal to what 94 ok so in the whole circuit the potential difference is due to the battery and the current value of the current is what it will become zero ok and now we have we can see this that both capacitors in series the charge will also be what happened here when circuit is open to hear the value of the current is zero and then the value of the potential is same for the whole means the value for the V1 Plus V2 should be equal to 90 the both the series so both

capacitor are in sirf ok if the both capacitor answer injuries that simply means that Q1 should be equal to Q to answer is that is Q and equals to 2 if they are in Q1 = 22 so you right here that Q1 is what C1 V1 and Q2 is what c2e to ok so you can write here she won by seatu should be close to V2 Y1 ok now as we know that we have the value for the what we have the value for the C1 vs C2 that is 653 that should be close to where to buy V1 and 6 by 3 is what it is it becomes too that is equals to V2 by Vivian now we can write your way to equals what we do it was two times of V1 ok V2 equal what to time top we want we have the value of the V1 is 30 how

we have the value of the V1 here you can write what here you can write V1 equals to V1 equal to what we won it was 230 volt ok because we already find it V1 equals to 30 world that the already find ok but now hear the way to changed to is changed so we to will be what two types of human means to into 30 that could be close to what 60 volt this is the value remains same and V2 will be what we to will be what 60 so you can see the 60 + 30 will be 90 the it is conserved ok 60 + 39 is equal to that we are that we already know about that should be me one Plus V2 should be equal to 90 so here it is proved ok now what do you have to find here we have to find the charge also so you can calculate the value of the Cuban Q1 is what C1 V1 ok so q1c when we once main

16 to 30 that could be equal to 180 microcoulomb is the value for Q1 similarly when calculate Q2 that is c2v to now C2 C2 is same as before sit with the quotes constant quantity that is we have given three but we do it strange that is now 6216 23 is 180 you can see this that the charge in the both capacitor is same ok thank you

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