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Laws Of Motion


Calculate angle of friction be...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Let a be the common acceleration . <br> `F= (M +ma)" "` …(A) <br> Let us solve this question in the f.o.r of wedge , which is non- inertial . <br> When `F= F_(max)` <br> The tendency of block is to move up the plane of wedge . Hence friction will act down the plane of wedge . <br> From (A) , <br> `F_(max) = (M+m)a_(max) " "` ...(i) <br> As the block is stationary on the wedge, <br> ` sum F_(y)=0` <br> `rArr N = m (gcos theta + a_(max)sin theta) " "` ...(ii) <br> sum` F_(x) = 0 ` <br> `rArr ma_(max) cos theta = muN + mgsintheta" " ` ...(iii) <br> From (i) and (iii) <br> `ma_(max) cos theta = mu m (gcos theta + a_(max) sin theta) + mg sin theta` <br> or `a_(max) [ cos theta - mu m sin theta] = g [mu cos theta + sin theta]` <br> ` or a_(max) = (sintheta + mu cos theta)/(cos theta + mu sin theta)g` <br> or ` a_(max) = ((tan theta + mu)/(1-mu tantheta))g` <br> From (i) ` F_(max) = (M+m) ((tantheta + mu)/(1-mu tantheta))g` <br> When F = `F_(min)` <br> The tendency of block is to move downcard along the plane . Hence frictional force will act in upward direction . <br> From (A) <br> ` F_(min) = (M + m) a_(min) " " `...(iv) <br> ` sumF_(y) = 0 ` <br> ` rArr N = mg cos theta+ ma _(min) sin theta" " `...(v) <br> ` sum F_(x) = 0` <br> ` rArr mgsintheta = muN+ma_(min) cos theta " " `...(vi) <br> From (v) and (vi) , <br> ` mu (mg cos theta + ma_(min) sin theta) + ma_(min)cos theta = mg sin theta ` <br> ` rArr _(min) (cos theta + mu sin theta) = g (sin theta - mu cos theta)` <br> ` rArr a_(min) = (sin theta - mu cos theta)/(cos theta +mu sin theta)g` <br> or ` or a_(min) = ((tan theta - mu)/(1+ mu tan theta))g` <br> From (iv), <br> ` F_(min) = (M+m) ((tan theta - mu)/(1+mu tan theta ))g` <br> When `F= F_(min)` <br> The tendency of block is to move downward along the plane . Hence frictional force will act in upward direction. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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hello student let so this portion portion says that calculate angle of friction between 20 and Glow ok so in this portion mass of which is capital M and mass of Lokesh ok and coefficient of friction between them is new and angle theta given their ok no that sin is angle between Digital and friction that is far normal A block is just on point of light that mean our direction of force is just balancing the block ok so I just balancing the floor then we can say it prevented it from sliding ok to increase the 4 hour

clock will start sliding look for that condition then our horses m g m hi and direction of force is just balancing it that means that is our it's no ok and sports is our equal to MG and it is normal to take the resultant of friction between normal and resultant of friction and normal then this will be equal to in this direction Ok why Ok so here we can say tangent pipe is equal to

Ek Bar account and ok so I just balancing the block to where value of Alpha is MG Cheetah and normal mg whose teeth are so then we get here tangent by is equal to tangent ok from here we can say Y is equal to M ok this angle will be equal to retire and it will be required answer

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