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Block of mass 10 kg is moving ...

Block of mass 10 kg is moving on inclined plane with constant velocity 10 m/s. The coedfficient of kinetic friction between incline plane and block is :-


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

0.570.750.5None of these

Answer : B


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agar aisa hi Anesh question it is given that block of the month start and catches a moving on inclined plane with constant velocity 10 metre per second the coefficient of the kinetic friction between the inclined plane and the block is this is a question that he has given so according to the given information if you look into this particular figures of this is the velocity of the block coming on the inclined surface with a velocity of 10 metre per second ok and the angle of inclination is 37 degrees ok so according to the given information we will write the summary of if I will be = 20 and the in in minus MG cos theta value will be equal to zero and invaluable B equals to MG into cos theta solartis opposes the equation number 1 so f x is equals to zero as a constant velocity

no acceleration so if the effect value is 0 so there will be no acceleration and we will write MG sin theta sin theta minus Mu ke into and will be equally into and will be equal to zero so here are the value of formio is nothing but the coefficient of friction survey will write this equation as a MG sin theta minus music MG cost it will be = 20 and this I have written this from the hai question number 1 socket into their according to this will get the cos theta value X with tan theta minus Mu ke so that will be = 20 and the value of Mu care will be Ek Bar store data we have the value of angle theta value as 37 degrees in the figure 28 and 30 cm

value is 3 / 4 the value of 3 divided by 4 is against 0.75 sort of this four options we have option BA 0.75 so this is a value of the music that we have got so there is a correct answer for this question thank you

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