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Assuming the nitrogen molecule...

Assuming the nitrogen molecule is moving with r.m.s. velocity at 400K, the de Broglie wavelength of nitrogen molecule is close to : <br> (Given : nitrogen molecule weight : `4.64 xx 10^(-26) kg,` BoItzman constant : `1.38 xx 10^(-23) j//K`, Planck constant : `6.63 xx 10^(-34)J.s`)


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Pawan Singh molecule is moving with a velocity at 400 Kelvin be Mowgli wavelength of Nitrogen molecule is close to you if you see de Broglie wavelength is equals to planck constant upon momentum of the particle that is MB if you see it is given that the particle is moving with a velocity V of a particle is 3kt by small I'm where K is the Boltzmann constant and small and is molecular mass and Molecular mass and K is given in the in the question is this concept used to calculate the value of a and just put it here and you'll get the de Broglie wavelength is equals to H upon under root of 3 m k t

put the values as is given in the question is planck constant is 6.63 into 10 power minus 34 second so you can put it here in division I will write under root of 3 times of molecular mass status 4.64 into 10 to the power minus 26 into Boltzmann constant is 1.38 into 10 power minus 23 10 to the power minus 23 and into the temperature of the gas the temperature of the gas is if you see 400 Kelvin so you will put the value of that also so if you will calculate you will get 2.24 into 10

power minus 10 which is equals 2.24 and storm to now you could see here the correct option here is a simple thank you