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Mock Test 6


Assume x_1 = A Sin(omega t) an...

Assume `x_1 = A Sin(omega t)` and `x_2 = A Cos (omega t + π/6)`. The phase difference between `x_1` and `x_2` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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students of the question is equal to cos Sin Omega T and X equals to cos Omega T + 5 6 and the phase difference between X1 and X2 is so here X1 is given Omega T and X2 is given a cos Omega T + 5 by 6 so what we do we convert both in the form of same trigonometric function sophos S Be Right Here a sin sin 90 + theta is cos theta sin 90 + theta cos theta do what we do we do pi by 2 19 inspired by 2 + Omega

right now this is first face that is Omega 3 and this is S face on adding fibre to plus we get Omega T + Omega T + 2 pi by 3 now we have to calculate the phase difference that means Delta fire which can be calculated by 52 that means hair Omega T + 25 by 3 minus Omega T cancelling Omega TVS gadi we get 23 that means option force is correct thank you