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Class 12






Newtons Laws Of Motion


Assertion: Static frictional f...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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If both assertion `&` Reason are True `&` the Reason is a corrrect explanation of the Asserion. If both Assertion `&` Reason are True but Reason is not correct explanation of the Assertion.If Assertion is Trie but the Reason is False. If both Assertion `&` Reason are false

Answer : B
Solution : `f_(s)("max")=muN` <br> depends on `mu` and N and not on mass.

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hello Vivah 237 that the static friction force is a self adjusting force reason says that the force of static friction does not depend on the mass of the body to static friction is a self adjusting force yes it is a self adjusting to adjust this value depending on the requirement top the relative motion if you see it raises the dresses the tendency of relative motion relative motion whatever will be the requirement will be fulfilled by the static friction if you so let's static friction force is present between the surface and the between the ground between the

block and the ground say you applied some force lete 1 Newton to the left of the max value is present is standard for sale and for Safal will it more so for this blog to the process should be greater than or equal to this limiting friction if I wanted to move I have to apply it is the maximum value of the limiting friction that is limiting and if I talked about here the amount of Asian cause it will be equals to 1 Newton Newton and this will goes on up to 10 Newton and if you're in is the force more than 10 Newton when it will become concerned because it was too smart mobile depends on the requirement if the requirement is less to relative motion when it will act left this statement is true reason there

that the course of static friction does not depend on the mass of the body if you see when you when you write down the force equation for the limiting friction on a body which is kept on a horizontal surface like this then we use but is it is not compulsory eventually it is equal to the MG but if what if you keep block pressed by what will happen whatever will be the force applied by you in horizontal direction will be the normally it depends on normal reaction and eventually the normal reaction is equal to the energy does not directly depends on the right so it will be equal to the normal reaction to help

return of friction force is equals to new types of this statement is also true but this is not a correct explanation for the Assassin so the assertion reason both are correct

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