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Assertion:- For a particle mov...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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If both Assertion `&` Reason are True `&` the Reason is a correct explanation of the Assertion. If both Assertion `&` Reason are True but Reason is not a correct explanation of the Assertion. If Assertion is True but the Reason is False.If both Assertion `&` Reason are False.

Answer : D

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hello everyone for a particle moving along a straight line if the velocity and acceleration have same sign then particle will be flowing and the reasons why is there a particle speeding does not depend upon the angle between velocity and acceleration if you see how they will slow down that could be in that could be badhiya running racing in the question that they are the same sign then particle may be slowing down how to use if you see here at the rate of change of velocity is the acceleration and acceleration if I take the velocity direction as the cost

they both had positive the change in velocity also posted it will not slow down it will speed up the moving toward the next A particle moving speeding up and down does not depends on the angle between the velocity and acceleration are so you can see that the acceleration half to component one along the velocity at other perpendicular to the velocity component that is perpendicular to it will not change the velocity at all it is a

it is not changing the velocity at all the component is responsible to change the direction but not the magnitude this will change the magnitude have discussed that when the two will be Pal then what will happen then the speeding up will occur and when they will be empty parlour then going down in the next cases the same a corset and is insensitive to see their interpal the magnitude will be in this is the velocity and this is the acceleration

this is a sin theta and you can see header component is ntp it will be decreasing depends on it will be decrease attitude it will be increasing so it's in connect both half also these decorate thank you

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