As we go higher, the density of air increases and hence pressure decreases

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Sohail the question is as we go higher the density of air in trees and hence pressure decreases so to verify this statement I am going to tell you some points so for this as be known as that atmospheric pressure atmospheric pressure decreases with increase in increase in the altitude so to verify this on some will understand suppose that this is the surface of this is the height

at the lowest part this is a this is the lowest part of the Earth is 1 the lowest part to the end is a surface at the lower past the density of density of air is maximum and at the upper part as you go you side of the earth atmosphere the density becoming density become share lighter in comparison to the near to surface of the earth so as

we all know that the pressure is the function of GH so as you know that you if you go other side the agency will decrease if the density will decrease the pressure with in decrease also so as we go higher the density decreases and pressure also decreases this statement is saying that the den air increases As pressure decreases wrong statement thank you

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