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An uncharged sphere of metal i...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : C

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question is an untrusted of metal is placed in between two charged plates as shown the lines of force looks like the two plates are lipstick upper plate is our let's A positively charged and the lower plate is our heads a negatively charged in between these two plates this crate is negatively charged show in between the two fields that is placed an uncharged sphere so this pair is ensured that is it is new transfer of Vitamins it has some free electrons electric field present due to the charges on the plate will be from positive to negative that is in the downward direction Naukari need to let se represents Airlines of

electric field inside is electric field inside is zero means there will be no lines of force inside so here we can say electric lines of force at present inside the conductor option we cannot be out next week in and potential surface through electric lines normally a positive let se from positive charges electric field line what's the same charge that is directed normally as well let se hear from the negative charge electric lines will be attractive nature that is we can say electric lines will be normally appearing that is all originating from the centre so please

kind of lines of forces will emerge out from the let se power metal charge which we can see is from option number see in number electric lines of force are not all that said directed towards the centre and action number a we can say these electric force are not normal in these cases so option is also in correct and option d is also incorrect correct option is option number C ends option number 3 that is 3 is

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