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An observers line of sight is at P, when container of diameter 30 cmand height 45 cm is empty.If this container is filled with liquid upto 30 cm height he is able to see the edge of container.Find refractive index of liquid. <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JM_20_M1_20200903_PHY_12_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone and line of sight at P container diameter is 30 and height is 40 cm if the container is filled with liquid upto height 30 cm is able to say the edge of the container find the refractive index if you see this is the diagram here to hear it is given that the container height age 45 so this distance you can see your will be 45 - 30 that is 1545 - 30 and it will cause 215 CM now if you see here this distance is 15 so you can also calculate distance will be 30 - 15 right so I will write 30 - 15

15 CM simple if you see this is also 15 this is also 15 so these two similar triangle so if you see this distance is 15 cm and let's say we say this angle is theta then this and they will also be theatre to do the two other similar triangle and this is 15 and this is 15 to this distance will be also Savere so if I say this is X then this will also be as you can see this whole distance is 30 cm so here I will write 32 that is 15 cm and this will also be 15cm so you can see this angle is 45 degree and this is also 45 degree very simple now if I talk about this are so this

can be calculated by using this triangle if you see if I say this point is O and SSP and this is cute cute angle if you see here you can calculate the sign are 855 right this time are it will be caused to 15 cm It is the perpendicular distance of you are so you can calculate is ok distance by using the Pythagoras rate so I will write a cube is equal to under root of 15 square + 30 square right now if you like the smell slow slow we can write I knew this one for the air and the

the if you see the angle of incident is 45 degree if you see here this angle is 45 Sudheer sandal will also be 45 degree rate so I will write a sin 45 degree is equals to refractive index of this medium you into sin write some you will be equal to sin 45 degree is 1 by root 2 by sign up now you can just put the value of sin h sirf you see here Saina is 15 by this site 15 by this ok distance that is this if I take care 15 that will get under root of 1 + this will be to square that is force it will be equal to 15 root 5 so I will write the hair

root 5 is 15 will get cancelled out and you will get the refractive index of the medium as root 5 by 2 and this will be our answer thank you

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