Updated on:30/05/2023

An object of mass m is moving with a constant velocity υ How much work should be done on the object in order to bring the object to rest ?



hello this question we have given a particle of mass and which is moving with constant velocity V parallel to the axis to we have given a particle of mass M which is moving with a constant velocity V parallel to the effective as shown in this figure so we come to find its angular momentum about its origin or so let this distance is a this distance is b and this is this is angular theatre we have to find the angular momentum about
origin to to find to find angular momentum so angular momentum that is equal to men into this distance that it affect productivity with velocity that it be vector to find angular momentum we have to multiply ma with distance into velocity to which is equal to MHA cross product it with B can also be written as
RV sin theta so which is equal to YouTube are fine theatre so here are perpendicular is equal to 8 and it because if this angle theta then it is equal to 8 and it and it is are so it is equal to 8 cm and which is equal to be so after pendicular equal to be
Where are L which is equal to MB are perpendicular in which is also equal to MB we show our angular momentum about origin O is equal to MB hello it is the word answer hope you understand the complete thank you


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