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Cengage Physics Dpp


An object is moving with a uni...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : `v^2=u^2+2as`, If `u=0` then `v^2propS` <br> i.e., graph should be parabola symmetric to displacement axis.


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questions on kinematics an object is moving with uniform acceleration which is parallel to its initial direction of motion app to find out a displacement velocity graph of the subject what we know and object we have been given an object it is moving in a direction with velocities something say you and the acceleration is also in the same direction so what we can write about the display we know that let us assume the final velocity to Biwi V square will be close to you square + 2 a.m. now if we assume that what do you think of that all the graphs are starting from a point zero so it will take that letter tasm initial velocity is zero so V square will be zero plus two years and a uniform acceleration is given to a resume is a constant for what will have V square equals to 2 years now what we can have a look at this is an equation of a parabola

so acid is to comparing it with equation of parabola y square equals to 4 x we can directly see that the correct graph of the following given question is positive and upward facing parabola with its variation in X and we just comparing we know that y square equals to 4 x has a graph like this now but here what we have here at this is why and disses text but here we have x on the upper co-ordinate to the coordinates of change the rotating at what will have will find that the sea is the right answer that is upward facing parabola thank you


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