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An insulating solid sphere of the radius R is charged in a non - uniform manner such that the volume charge density ρ=Ar, where A is a positive constant and r is the distance from the centre. The potential difference between the centre and surface of the sphere is


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The correct Answer is D


hello point and insulating solid sphere of radius capital is charged in a uniform such that the volume charge density is a b is a cost accountant is the distance from the centre you want to find out the potential difference between the centre and the surface of the sphere of water potential do we know that electric field is equals to negative of the change in potential by the change in distance of the distance changed by Central to surface is capital can see that the change in potential is negative of letters find out this electric circuits list this is a right at a distance of R
if I make a small thickness deer thickness shell rate to you can see the volume of the cell will be area times of thickness small volume area times of thickness talk about the surface area of the cell this will be S10 Lite surface area of the said it will be 4 Pi R Square and thickness is this will be the volume and it is the charge per unit volume is a bi R here so I will write down the d q is equals to charge per unit volume into volume to it will be a bi R in 24 Pi R Square Dr this will get cancelled out and you will get the charges cost 24 yar2 Vuitton integrate it
from 0 to we are finding out the electric field at any distance are you latest Hindi so I will write down the Q is equals to 45 is constant so charge enclosed in a cell in a sphere of thickness or of radius R not will be let this I will write down the charge in closes 45 a it will be are not square by 2 minus zero it will be talked about the electric field so we know that from the God's law if I say this is a pair of shell of radius R not it from the symmetry at each point the electric field will be directed along the area vector only from the
God's law if I write down the floor it will be closed integral of a vector and it will be Que in close that we already calculated by a Stalin so since I already told you it will be parallel to the area vector so it will be simply are not square and cube already calculated it is this 45 will get cancelled out our are not despair will also get cancelled out to you will get the electric field is constant it is not now placed in the equation with which we started change in potential is negative change in potential negative
Dr Darius changing from the surface to the centre so capital or 20 and this will be the potential difference Delta V so so I will write down the potential difference is equals to this will be it will be our capital are 202 potential difference from here you will get it is a r b two excellent not and this is the answer of this question we can check for the option have a Aur Bi to amtala not these the correct one thank you


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