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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 92


An installation consisting of ...

An installation consisting of an electric motor driving a water pump left 75 L of water per second to a height of 4.7 m . If the motor consumes a power of 5 k W , then efficiency of the installation is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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11 letter start with question and the question what is given that an installation consisting of electric motor driving the water pump 75 litres of water per second at a height of 4.5 M that is per second at a height of 4.5 M this pump sending water which is a equal to an amount of 75 litre if the motor consume a power of 5 kilowatt then what is the efficiency of installation so for example let's say this is latest draw our motor that this is our motor ok no this would be the section of the pump which would be this sending the water to a height h the height is given as to be this site is given as to be what it is given as to be 4.5 sorry 4.7 M ok so there would be some input power which is given to this motor that it would be a Pump It the input power is provided as to be 5 kilowatt for this is our 5 kilowatt out of this 5 KW power would be loss due to friction

compound which would utilise and it would be sending the water to a height of 4.7 M so from this we can calculate what is the work which is done by the pump or we can see that what is the output power so how do we write the power power goes to work but per unit time so power is this work done work done per unit time that is divided by time so we can say that power would be close to view them what is the work has been done so we're sending water to a height of 7.5 M that is the potential energy of the work is provided in the form of the potential energy which would be close to MGH B / time now what is M / what is this it is basically mass per unit time so we can see that it would be equal to M dot mass per unit time ji into it and what has been given to us we have been given with 75 litre of water per second we have been given that what you per second is be just right here we have

volume per second order can see that volume / time this is equal to 75 litre now we know that one litre of water would be equal to 1 Kg if it is density 2004 ke feete crore 2001 l would be equal to 1 kg so we can say that 75 litre per second would be equivalent to what it would be content to in terms of mass it would be equivalent to m.des should be equal to 75 kg per second we can put this value into this expression server power output power this would be the output power 75g value 9.8 into height value would be close to which is given 4.7.7 so we say that this would turn out to be in terms of KW 3.45 45 KW this would be the power to find what is efficiency this is the output power efficiency would be close to power

output / power which is given or we can see that input so this is the output which has been done so this would be the output power 3.4 545 / what is the input which we are providing we are providing the input of 5 kilowatt to divided by 5 so this would turn out to be 0.6 909 in terms of percentage power efficiency would be if you X 160 9.09% so this would be the correct answer that will be is our correct option hope you understand the solution thank you

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