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An inductor of inductance 10 m...

An inductor of inductance 10 mH and a resistance of 5 is connected to a battery of 20 V at t = 0. Find the ratio of current in circuit at t =  to current at t = 40 sec

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A
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hello the question is an inductor of inductance and resistance of 50 is connected this is not 55 Oz there 5 ohm is connected to a battery v at t is equal to zero find the ratio of current at t is equal to infinity to current at equal to Pakistan inductor of inductance and it is connected with resistance of 5 ohm and battery 20 V I am going to draw the diagram shows a circuit in which five am fine now there is a inductor is connected across a battery that batteries what 25 wap to find the current at this point

current equation of current I is function of t is given as I not 1 - 3 to the power minus 3 by this is the value of a vector is what time constant given by l y and we have given that this one as 10 know if you put the values of this to get I so equation for I will be I not maximum value that is 25 into 1 minus 8 to the power minus 3 / LSD 10 million it is 0.00125 again if I install that it is going to be 20 by 51 - e to the power minus

500 this comes out to be the equation of current at time according to find the current at cost infinity what will be the 20 by 51 e to the power minus infinity and e to the power minus infinity x 20 comes out to be poured into 1 minus zero so identity is what a no refine I at 40 41 - e to the power minus 5500 in 2.4 X 1 minus one upon e to the power is this

20000 20000 Vinod the value of a square is almost seven point something one minus one upon 10.805000 no 72 the 8000 is very large number when it is divided by 1 it is almost zero not exactly zero but yes almost comes out to be approximately we can take as 435 divide both of them that is infinity divided by that will be for almost four but this one is Greater why because this is not zero it is going to decrease the value of one year this is almost 005 come between in between 3 to 4 but close 24

find it provides this so will get the value almost one but this is one is larger this one is larger find if we can go to the option we can take of the number one that is 1.0 greater than that is 1.06 find if we talk about option option one is correct I hope you got the answer into


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