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Class 12






Mechanical Properties Of Fluids


An incompressible liquid is fl...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : By equation of continuity <br> AV = constant <br>`:. A_(1)V_(1) = A_(2)V_(2) + A_(3)V_(3)` <br> `Axx4` = `0.8 Axx3 + 1.5Axxv` <br> 4A = 2.4A + 1.5AV <br> 4 = 2.4 + 1.5V <br> v = `1.6/1.5 ~= 1.1`m/s

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hello friends all question is an incompressible liquid is flowing through a horizontal pipe as shown in figure then we have to find the value of V for finding the value of the first thing what we have to do if this area is equal to take this cross-sectional area is a to b is equal to 0.8 and third one is which is equal to 1.5 a similarly latest this is V1 V2 V3 ok now as we have to calculate the value of me so that we are going to use equation of continuity

so let me die by using equation of continuity and diet is equal to A2 B2 + 33 now we have all values which which which which is required so now let's put the values in this equation ok so by putting the values we get which is even into equal to 4

a 2.8 into which is useful to be to increase quality 1.5 a into B which we have to find ok now by simplifying it is equal to 2.4 + 1.5 into 1.5 into b is equal to 4 - 2.4

ok now we get 1.5 into a into b is equal to 1.6 into a then you can easily see that enable cancel out then we have equal to 1.6 and 1.5 solve it we get visa to 1.067 which is approximately equal to 1.1 metre per second OK so the value of me

is 1.1 metre per second it is thank you

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