An example for metalloidGroundnut oil and acoholHeaviest elementConversion of solid to liquidElements in definite proportionRotation of mixture at high speedAn example for solid non-metalProperty of gasesMolecule made up of similar atomsSeparation of coloured pigmentsKerosense and petrolAn example for inert gasSublimable substanceProperities of metals and non-metalsProperty of a material to be drawn into thin wivesconversion of gas into liquidConversion of liquid to solidDifference in boiling points of liquidsMaterial used for filtrationNature of gas in liquid mixtures

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The correct Answer is:AcrossDownAntimonyImmiscible liquidsUraniumFusionCompoundCentrifugationIodineCompressibilityElementChromatographyMiscible liquidsXenonAmmonium chlorideMetalloidDuctilityLiquefactionFreezingDistillationGlass woolHomogeneous

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