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Class 11






Work, Energy And Power


An engine pumps 400 kg of wate...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Work done by engine against gravity <br> `W=mgh=400xx10xx10=40 kJ`<br> Power used by engine (output power)`=(W)/(Deltat)` <br> `=(40xx10^(3))/(40)W=1 kW` <br> If power of the engine is P (input power), then<br> `eta=("Output power")/("Input power")` <br> `P=(1 kw)/(80%)impliesP=(1000xx100)/(80)W` <br> or `" " (100)/(80)kW=1.25 kW`

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hello everyone welcome to this video in this video we are going to solve this question an engine pumps 400 kg of water through a height of 10 m in 40 seconds find the power of the engine if the efficiency is it a person see friends in this question first of all what is given height is 10 efficiency is 0.8 get it right now first of all we are going to find the work done so the work done will be MGH which is equals to 400 into 10 into 10 raise to 40000 get it right now where to find output power output Power

bill 40000 June Upon Time 42nd equals to we get 1 kilowatt the different now as we know that efficiency is 0.8 of this engine so what is efficiency efficiency equals to output power upon input power so bustling this what we get we get 0.8 equals to 1 upon input power input power equals to 1 upon 0.8 which is equals to 1.25 KW

get your friend thank you for watch

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