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Jee Mains 2020


An engine operates by taking a...

An engine operates by taking a monatomic ideal gas through the cycle shown in the figure. The percentage efficiency of the engine is close to ____________ <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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engine operates by taking a monoatomic ideal gas through a cyclic process shown in the figure percent does efficiency of the engine is close to see if you see this is the diagram all we know that the efficiency is by 2 and if you see in this diagram from A to B the heat is in and in this process to is you too and it is given to the system and in this process Q3 is out and this is also about it so we will calculate the 21 enough you can see here in a bi process a b is constant volume process isochoric and BC is a constant pressure process that is isobaric process night ride for every process qq1 is caused to and TV delta-t so CVV no that the sea

that is 3.2 and CP is equals to CP is equals to I will write CV + are that is 3 by 2 aplusr that is 5 by 2 are very simple to for curing process Q1 is a ISO ka for process ID FB to are that is provided to our into and Delta 3 always find out the value of intensity for process to be the ideal gas equation for dissertation we know that TV School to nrt and if in this process if this process is ISO chorake constant volume constant volume I will write your P Delta V is equals to an hour Delta T for constant pressure I will write a

p Delta V is Pashto Anna Delta p easy process is a constant volume process and BC process is constant pressure process please put the value of NDT in both the process if you see in this process and it is P Delta V B are so I will write 3 by 2 h in two wheeler topi by our staff will get cancelled out and UV light 3 by 2 p Delta V Delta solar CV date ap is what if you see Delta PS2 peanut to pay not and the volume is not so we not into topi not it will be creepy not be

not is 21 years calculate the 22222 is ISO Bari process Ovi Ladai seen that I Sabari process this relation will be valid and CP here is 5 by 2 hours or overnight and CP Delta T and CP is 2 into and entity and entity is if you see here in this you can see P Delta V by an a 2 hour into P Delta V by this I will get cancelled out and you will get pi by 2 p Delta V seaport YouTube process what is the Delta we hear topi is you can see is 3p not and Delta V is this that is really not that is to be not - Vinod and this is really not 3p not

into Vinod 2 constant pressure is 3 pin of and the change in volume is to be not mine without you were not - we noticed we not this will be 15 by topi not we not talk about you and to to refuse calculate the area enclosed and you will get the work done in close you can see this land is to pin and this land this were not disclosed that will get the to peanut is the length and Vinod is the west so you will get to pay not be not as the work done now less calculate the efficiency is Sofia ladies night in and to ensure quality can see is to 1 + cute too so I will need to pay not we not by the 3p not be not

so I will write 6 by 2 + 15 B 23 I don't 3S Tu and here it is 15 by 2 and in common I wrote this note will not come to you can cancel out this state and you will get this to will be common so I will write your 4 and 5 + 6 is 2121 is the efficiency efficiency of if I talk about 2% is efficiency will be 4 by 21 in 200 that is 421 and it is 2.04 and this will be simple

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