An element `dvecl=dxhati` (where `dx=1cm`) is placed at the origin and carries a large current `i=10A`. What is the magnetic field on the Y-axis at a distance of `0.5m`?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`|dB| = (mu_(0))/(4pi) (Idl sin theta)/(r^(2))`[ using eq.] <br> `dl = Deltax = 10^(-2)m, I = 10A, r = 0.5m = y. mu_(0)//4pi = 10^(-7) (Tm)/(A)` <br> `theta = 90^(@), sin theta = 1` <br> `|dB| = (10^(-7) xx 10 xx 10^(-2))/(25 xx 10^(-2)) = 4 xx 10^(-8)T` <br> The direction of the field is in the `+z`-direction. This is so since, <br> `dl xx r = Deltax hati xx y hatj = y Deltax (hati xx hatj) = y Delta x hatk` <br> We remind you of the following cyclic property of cross-products. <br> `hati xx hatj = hatk, hatj xx hatk = hati, hatk xx hati = hatj` <br> Note that the field is small in magnitude.


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question is an element X is equals to 1 cm is placed at origin and carries a large current of the magnetic field on y axis at a distance of 0.5 metre connection plan like this this is by axis and this is at least you like DL sentenced to life and to find the magnetic field at a point like this richest 0.5 m away from this Superb quotes about love from about lo Vinod 220 not I divide by

R cube this is the formula dear sightedness is equals to 10 ki power minus 7 know the value of Mu Ka 145 in SI unit X the current value is given as 10 a 10 power minus 2 X aaa is given as this is actually a better like that 0.5 G bracket close divide by what the magnitude of a vector is equals to 0.5 get 0.5 full cube solve this then you will get like b is equals to vector is equals to 4 10

power minus 8 I created because to keep the direction will be the positive direction

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