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An electron, a proton and a He...

An electron, a proton and a `He^(+)` ion projected into a magnetic field with same kinetic energy, with velocities being perpendicular to the magnetic field. The order of the radii of circles traced by them is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello the questioner electron proton and kinetic energy is lost is being perpendicular to the magnetic field the order of radius of circle wise India given to select now according to question suppose there exists a magnetic field in the direction that caused now and electron 18 electrons that is project perpendicular cross denote inside the plane of this paper magnetic field is now there is a

phone also and Helium ion is also all are projected perpendicular to this end we know when it is projected perpendicular to this post is acted on them that force is given by you into V cross B Q is the charge these what velocity of them is permanent magnetic field perpendicular from B sin theta 91 force is going to be UV Vinod this is going to do a circular motion slow motion acquired centripetal Force centripetal Force will be given by this magnetic according to relation we get cancelled out we can find our is equal to

we / cube I can also write MB is what we Momentum upon Mein cube fine Vinod the relation between p and kinetic energy is this can be written as to am of ke andar to a that is the value of momentum / our final expression is going to be R is equal to under root 2 m / you be into root of this is our final expression now I am going to use this one to find our as we know it is constant for all this is constant cubic

particle all three particles as same charge q and b is also becomes constant for all it means radius is directly proportional to top m radius is directly proportional to root of it means heavier the area the radius and Vinod the relation between mass of HCL + will be greater than mass of proton and that will be also greater than this is the sequence of our masses the sequence of radius will be same radius of HTC will be greater radius of proton will be greater radius of electron

this is our correct sequence of our stock what the option of the number the correct I hope Mein got your answer thank you

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