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Coulomb Law And Electric Field


An electric dipole is kept on ...

An electric dipole is kept on the axis of a uniformly charged ring at distance from the centre of the ring. The direction of the dipole moment is along the axis. The dipole moment is `p`, charge of the ring is `Q` & radius of the ring is `R`. The force on the dipole is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D


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hello friends short question on the axis of uniformly charged ring at a distance from the centre correction type of government is the long the dipole moment and the radius of the force on dipole dipole dipole moment and charge and discharge college made by 2 equal and opposite charges that is + + q and q Plus and minus

pop type something nice acting on it is very small as compared to the distance between the ring and iPhone the correct answer for how to make passbook not equal to 0 distance between dipole ring large enough then

the distance between between charges in and spend the correct option is option number 4 thank you

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