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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 87


An eagle flies at constant vel...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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hello Google on an Eagle flies at constant velocity horizontally across the sky carrying a mouse releases a mouse wired in flight from the perspective the mouse Falls vertically with velocity V1 from an observer on the ground perspective the mouse Falls and angle V2 which is the speed of the Eagle with respect to what is the speed of eagle with respect to the observer on the town The Eagle is this is the eagle and this Eagle is flying horizontally with a velocity V not what will happen when it will drop a mouse the mouse will have the same horizontal velocity exit of the eagle and with the time it was the motion of the

mouse will be horizontal projectile trade so what will happen with time it will develop in vertically downward direction I will lie down fever is caused to GT T20 set any time the velocity in Y direction will be there so if you see the Eagle will not see the velocity this horizontal velocity will not be seen by the Eagle because if you see here the mouse carries is velocity V not since it was dropped from the Eagle mouth and this is common in the two if you do the velocity of the mouse - velocity of the Eagle this component will get cancelled out and only this will be seen it is said that the

velocity with respect to the Eagle if you see is this and with respect to the observer on the ground it is B2B one that is 3 by the eagle and V2 will be the resultant of the two if I say this velocity V not actor rate what I'm saying that the velocity of the mouse with respect to velocity Mouse acceleration is V2 - velocity of the Eagle is equals to be one that this is what I'm saying here so we want here we not to be not you can see very clearly that it is nothing but V1 V2 - V1 and V2 - women you can see that they will make a right angle triangle so you

can get the Vinod this will be the winner from right angle triangle the Pythagoras I will write down the unit is equal to under root of V2 square minus b square the answer of this question Vinod is equals to under root V2 square minus b check for the option is the correct thank you

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