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An asteroid of mass m (m lt lt...

An asteroid of mass `m (m lt lt m_E)` is approaching with a velocity 12 km/s when it is at distance of 10 R from the centre of earth (where R is radius of earth). When it reaches at the surface of Earth, its velocity is (Nearest Integer) in km/s

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : 16
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hello student today the question is an effort of column which is much less than the mass of earth is approaching with a velocity of 12 km per second the distance of Earth from the centre of earth where R is the radius of earth when it reaches the face of earth its velocity in kilometre per second initial kinetic energy + initial potential energy equals to final kinetic energy + final potential energy what is initial kinetic energy half use the initial velocity

the potential energy of an asteroid -3 m m upon 10 capital MP the mass of earth small MB the mark of Asteroid what about the final half m square minus gmm why are there is it is at on the earth surface is called why simplification Z Square equals to u square + 2 GM why are into 1 minus 1 by 10 aur u square + 9 by 5 GM

this is the value which we get for square substitute the value of 12 square + 95 into universal gravitational constant value 6.67 10 to the power minus 11 the mass of earth is 6 into 10 to the power 24 kg and radius of earth is 6.4 into 10 to the power 6 metre by solving we get the value as 2.19 this is the value of Z Square the meaning of approximately 15.0 km per second as we find the answer in the integer from

the increases form answer is 15 km per second which it reaches on the earth surface is approx 15 km per second thank you

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