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Mock Test 7


An asteroid is moving directly...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 10
Solution : `U_1 + K_1 = U_2 + K_2`<br> `- (GM_e m)/(4R) +1/2 mv_0^2 = -(GM_em)/(R) +1/2 mv^2 + 3/4 xx (GM_e m)/(R) + 1/2 mv_0^2 =1/2 mv^2 , " " 3/4 xx 1/2 m xx v_e^2 + 1/2 mv_0^2 = 1/2 mv^2` <br> `v_2 = 102.08 , v=10 km//s`


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question is an asteroid is moving directly towards the centre of the earth when at a distance of 4 are where R is the radius of the earth from the Earth centre at a speed of 20 metre per second neglecting the effect of the earth's atmosphere what will be the speed of the asteroid when it will hit the surface of the earth were given the escape velocity from the Earth is 11.2 km per second give your answer to the nearest integer in kilometre per second ok so now we're given let's say this is the earth and let this be the centre of the earth from which we are given the radius of the earth that is pura and we are having an asteroid here so this asteroid is at a distance of 4 hour from the centre of the earth night this is dishes for

now we have to find the velocity with which the tested will hit the Earth surface ok now we're given the velocity of a student at the distance of 4 and that is to route to km per second year right and we are also given the escape velocity of earth which is 11.2 km per second and numerically aur mathematically it is given as to into GM over ah OK where R is the radius of earth is the mass of the earth and the gravitational constant for now let we be the velocity of this asteroid with which it is hitting the Earth surface so here we have to neglect the effect of earth atmosphere we can apply the principle of conservation of mechanical energy here right that is mechanical energy at a distance of at this initial point let se and this is the Earth surface so mechanical energy

at the initial point machli ko Sudha final point right so here we can write at the initial point destroyed having an kinetic energy of half every square ok let them be the mass of the statement and velocity is 2 root 2 km per second square minus we have the potential energy the gravitational potential energy of this should be ji into capital am over small M / the distances for ok from the earth earth Centre for the final mechanical energy we have often to m square ok at the Earth surface - the gravitational potential energy will BGM over Mall are from here we can cancel out the term Mall M which is the mass of the asteroid and we will be left with hair this will become 4 into two that is it over to that is 4

- GM over four are equal to half B square minus GM over are right for a week and right of V square will be closed 24 - GM over ah we can take common and we will be left with one minus 1 by 4 OK so and they let X whole equation by to you will get V square equals to 8 - 2 GM over ah 4 x 3 by 4 users to will cancel out here by 2 and also see we can write the value of ok let me that the value of 2 GM by our only we have there we were having to GM by into 3 by 4 are ok now see from the situation we can write the value of

right here the value of g m over ah will be equal to 11.2 whole square light from this equation 1 I am writing this equation so I can replace 2gm by over ah by 11.2 whole square so we will get V square equals to 8 - 11.2 whole square into 3 by 4 no after solving this we will get the value of V square equal to where I have made a mistake this should be plus year this S8 plus software solving this will get the value of y square equal to 10 2.08 and after this after taking the under root both the sides you will get a value of b is equal to 10.10 3 4 km per second and if I write this value

the nearest integer we will get be nearly equal to 10 kilometre per second so this will be the required velocity of the asteroid when it is hitting the Earth surface thank you

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