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Class 12






Jee Main Revision Test - 27 - Jee -2020


An asteroid is moving directly...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 10
Solution : `U_1 +K_1=U_2+K_2` <br> `-(GM_(e)m)/(4R) + 1/2mv_(0)^(2)=-(GM_(a)m)/R +1/2mv^2` <br> `+3/4 xx(GM_(e)m)/R +1/2 mv_0^2 = 1/2mv^2," "3/4xx1/2 mxxv_e^2+1/2 mv_0^2 = 1/2 mv^2` <br>`v^2 = 102.08" "v =10 km//s`

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hello Rihan an asteroid is moving directly toward the centre of the earth at a distance of 4 digit it have a speed of 22 km per second neglecting the effect of Earth what will be the speed for this we can apply the mechanical energy conservation you see when having from the mechanical energy conservation initial Kinetic + potential is

equals to final Kinetic final four so I will write letter so I will write mass of the potential Centre to Centre distance of 4 restaurant Porur finally we wanted finally it is at a distance of you can cancel of this

so we got this expression and if we not a square it is multiplied by 2 then I will write it is V1 - dresses by tour because X with two head will be mine -2 GM E2 - 153 not initial velocity is given so I will write the winner to qualify to root

how to use the square velocity by it is so if I write down the GM by our well it will be there to GM into call square b this will be the gm of x of 12.2

so it will be 94 so I will write 8 plus 94 that is 102 and wanted it to nearest integer so we not will be 10.1 km it will be 10 and the nearest

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