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An asteroid, headed directly t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Because we are to neglect the effects of the atmosphere on the asteroid, the mechanical energy of the asteroid Earth system is conserved during the fall. Thus, the final mechanical energy (when the asteroid reaches Earth.s surface) is equal to the initial mechanical energy. With kinetic energy K and gravitational potential energy U, we can write this as <br> `K_f + U_f = K_i + U_i`. (13-31) <br> Also, if we assume the system is isolated, the system.s linear momentum must be conserved during the fall. Therefore, the momentum change of the asteroid and that of Earth must be equal in magnitude and opposite in sign. However, because Earth.s mass is so much greater than the asteroid.s mass, the change in Earth.s speed is negligible relative to the change in the asteroid.s speed. So, the change in Earth.s kinetic energy is also negligible. Thus, we can assume that the kinetic energies in Eq. 13-31 are those of the asteroid alone. <br> Calculations: Let m represent the asteroid.s mass and M represent Earth.s mass `(5.98 xx 10^24kg)`. The asteroid is initially at distance `10R_E` and finally at distance `R_E`, where `R_E`, is Earth.s radius `(6.37 xx 10^6m)`. Substituting Eq. 13-23 for U and `1//2 mv^2 " for K, we reqrite Eq."13-31` as <br> `1/2mv_f^2 -(GMm)/(R_E) = 1/2mv_i^2 - (GMm)/(10R_E)` <br> Rearranging and substituting known values, we find <br> `v_f^2 = v_i^2 + (2GM)/(R_E) (1 -1/10)` <br> `=(12 xx 10^3m//s)^2` <br> `+(2(6.67xx10^(-11) m^3 //kg.s^2)(5.98 xx 10^24kg))/(6.37xx10^6m)0.9` <br> `=2.567 xx 10^8 m^2//s^2`, <br> and `v_f = 1.60 xx 10^4 m//s - 16 km//s.` <br> At this speed, the asteroid would not have to be particlarly large to do considerable damage at impact. If it were only 5 m across, the impact could release about as much energy as the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima.

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