An air bubble is formed inside water. Does it act as a converging lens or a diverging lens ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone lets of this question is saying an air bubble is formed inside water does it act as a converging or diverging so let's check it out for that I need to drop year let me take a selfie this is the air above so that you can understand now let me draw the normal

normal let me take the incident rays of physical what is happening its clean a 16 year according to question what is it is saying same side water inside water inside water this affair isn't it so what will be the answer online this one is obviously medium presented this is a rarer medium let me understand

how convert support accident this is the incident ray outside is water and inside there will happen incident ray now will have a refraction because there is change like this way if there was no any faced in like there was no and medium change but here is a medium is protection will take place it normal to the normal and will be normal

this is another fine now this is angle of incidence refractive index with increasing display light is going from denser to rarer medium is coming from and after refraction he has to go to Red what will happen the refractive away from the not affected what will happen to remove something this was the this is the normal and this could have been like it but now

it has to divert from the normal life diverse from at this is reflected and there is a denser medium what will happen if you have gone but now the light is going from rarer to denser medium what will happen if we went to ask Shubh basically you just this is a innocent day to hear it is a country WhatsApp link in here this is the emergent Ray and now for the incident ray and justify emergency you just clean emergently husband doesn't it emergency has been created videshi

emergency has been debated this was the incident ray and emergent Ray now the diagram that has been debated air bubble is acting as a diverging understand

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