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Class 12






Alternating Current


An AC circuit consists of a re...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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in this problem we have given an AC circuit consists of a resistance and choke coil in series ok the resistance is of 220 ohm and choke coil is given point 7 Henry Charles ok the power Jod from 220 volt and 50 Hz is connected with the circuit is ok so we have to find the power of job so power absorbed in a to find out the power absorbed power absorbed can be given as we are a mess IM a into cos 5 ok so vrms can be given as I in to z x i RMS and costs can be written as are appointed to this will be equal to square RMS x

ok and we have given the resistance but we have to find I RMS so I RMS can be given as upon Jad ok and RMS is given as 220 volt to first of all find Z A to Z = 2 for LR circuit Z = 2 under root of x square + Y square and Excel will be equals to Omega Healthcare and Omega is to bi f into l Chhotu in 25 can be written as 22 by 7 frequency is an inductance is given as point 700 point will cancel and 10 will be nominated suicide 2010 will cancel 7 and 7 will be cancel so this will be close to 220 ohm and resistance is also given as to 2002 20 square + to 20 square ok so this will be equals to

220 route to Om this is the impedance this is the impedance of the circuit ok to RMS equals to RMS is given as 22220 root 2 to 20 will cancel to IRS will be equals to 1 upon root to a now we have to find power absorbed do we have power absorbed equals to I square RMS into power absorbed power absorbed will be equal to square RMS X are so this is 1 upon root 2 square x resistance is 222 this is equals to 1 upon 2 into 2 20 that is 110 watt power absorbed is 110 what is the answer of this problem thank you

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