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Class 11






Centre Of Mass


After falling from rest throug...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : Fraction of `KE` lost`=(1/2"mu"^(2)-1/2(M+m)v^(2))/(1/2"mu"^2)` <br>`=1-(M+m)/m (v/u)^(2)=1-(M+m)/m(m/(M+m))^(2)=m/(M+m)`

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hello guys so today we have this question here that after falling from the rest through a height h a body and begins to days body of mass there connected to it will find it of kinetic energy lost when the body of mass 2 kg is dropped into the motion to get beard with that we can a body of mass M at a height H and it is falling from the rest and it begins to raise a body of mass which is connected to police to find the value of kinetic energy fraction kinetic energy when the body is small and into motion and here we have given some options also is firstly that the speed of the body be supposed to diagram for support this is a body of mass moreland and here we have the underbody this is a mass of

Fe Kaplan and here we have a body of small speech of body build just before string become start so this will be done equal to b is equal to root of 2G root of 2 G and H is judged that important reactions are generated into the sting so at this moment effect of the gravity of the system is conserved at this instant right so we dash be the speed of both is what is speed of two bodies of two bodies after

they are just into motion they are De are jerks into motion right into motion guide that we days did the common speed of the two bodies after the jog into motion and before they have the process that is we also considering at the speed of the data from the conservation of momentum we have done here to write from conservation of momentum of momentum is we have more then we have to get that it is before that is angry

angry is equal to here we have done capital A small and Vedas perform because he returned to the common speed after drugs this is after this is before so the acceleration of source purse liya I can write the sweetest so I can find the value that is small I'm upon capital and Plus and so this is a required value for breathing share so now what we have to do we have to find acceleration ok for that here I ride that we are finding a solution to the acceleration of the system is the acceleration acceleration after system means of the system is guys that is I can get

it at that is equal to capital M into minus mall MG and this value is equal to capital and + Supreme evalu acceleration which is equal to minus of capital and minus M upon capital M + m into this is a value for acceleration as you can see from here that acceleration is negative ok I can see the active treatment system return to its original position at time t let the system return to its original position return

to add to add original position original position at time T as we have to find here that time so it is equation that as is equal to wheat between the positive displacement is displacement is a have here that BD is equal to that here I have done - of - a square is equal to 2 find the value of 3 years I can write a diary the string

is than equal to minus of to be dash Upon A ok and find its value beta dashare find this value where I can put this value in this equation so if I put this value into the equation then I have hair that it is equal to then it is an equal to 2 and capital and minus mollem and also be put the value of acceleration with sound so that is equal to root of 2 h this is the required value of time but now we have to find what we have to find the fraction exercise kinetic energy to the fractional loss of kinetic energy is equal to I can write that friction loss direction fractional loss

of kinetic energy is so guys I can try to as we know what is kinetic energy that is have and which were before and that after that is half capital and minus b dash square V let em suppose that the common speed of the two bodies after the chapter the motion is have a Pawn half and the square and square roots but we are left with here if I cancel out this this will be the one minus 1 by 2 capital and plus Android square so if I solve this equation so I have left with a this is equal to capital M upon this is a required fraction loss of kinetic energy we

calculate here so now option with option is to be confirmed that yah with first option in Outlook not because of the negatives and whereas in the solution we have the positive paneer this is also wrong while because here we have the To Ham whereas in the question we adjusted once this is also because we are the x 2 but here we have just is this option A core activities organised I hope you understand this question so thanks

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