Activity of a substance changes from 700s1 to 500s1 in 30 minute. Find its half-life in minutes


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hello Vivah activity of a substance changes from 700 2nd in words to 500 2nd in words in 30 minutes find it half life in that if you see activity is activity at time T is in out it to the power minus Lagati since we know that DNA by DT is equals to this so if you will for the integrated you will get the relation between n and not as this and if you see the DNA by DT that is activity is directly proportional to the number of nucleus of the same relation will be followed by the activity it so it is said that initially it was seven hundred and finally after time 30 minute it became 500
scores to 700 by Sohail minus sin square foot in denominator in to decay constant Lambda into rates from here you will get 700 by 500 so if I take log both side then I will get Allen is 30 is equals to Helen 7 by 5 very simple now this will become 30 Lambda is equals to 11755 so now we want the Half-Life if you see the hell is Ellen to buy Lambda rate so I will write half life is Allen to buy Lambda so we can calculate the lamp
from here rate aso the Lambda is it if you see here Lambda is equals to Allen 7 by 5 by 30 this value of Lambda I will write Allen 7 by 5 into 32 days will be the value of Lambda after falling you will get this is equals to 61.8 s a minute so that is nearly equal to 60 to sunao the option if you see the correct option is this thank you

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