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Activity of a substance change...

Activity of a substance changes from `700 s^(–1)` to `500 s^(–1)` in 30 minute. Find its half-life in minutes


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : NA


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hello Pawan activity of a substance changes from you can see 700 second inverse 500 second inverse is 30 minute of life in minute so it is given that the activity initially was 708 change to 500 so I will write your so from this equation if you see and not pic so the activity change changed from 700 to 500 this is equals to this if you take log both side will get and not by an

is equals to Lambda t you already know DN by DT into and not an initial number of nuclear if you put the values have the value of a not by an so that will be simply the ratio of activity only so the activity was initially 705 it was fired because the activity is proportional to the number of nuclear as we know that so will write a Lambda into so we got talent 7 b is equals to Lambda t now we want to know the value of the Half-Life in minute and have the time

you can see 30 minute today's put value of time also so you got the value of Lambda as Allen 7 by 5 by 32 half life your will be I will be Island to buy lafada just put the value of Lambda that is 7 by 5 into 30 software putting the value of Lambda you will get the value of half life as nearly equal to 61.8 minut that is equals to 62 now you could match which option is the correct option you can see 62 is

simple now see the question also this was the question And The Half Life air is 62 minute thank you