AcrossDown1.Pulley whose axis of rotation is not fixed (2 Words)1.Greater the _____ the smaler the effort required to overcome a certain load. (2 Words)4.This is a second-order lever used for a fruit cutter2.Inclined plane wound around7.Greater the number of pullcys, _____ is the force needed to lift heavy loads.3.Block and tackle means more number of ____10.Scissors are an example of ____ (3 Words)5. This simple machine changes the direction of applied force6.This simple machine changes the direction of applied force8.Leading edege shape of a speed boat9.Tapworksontheprcipof___

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AcrossDown1.Movable pulley1.Mechanical advantage4.Mango cutter2.Screw7.Lesser3.Pulleys10.First order lever5.Pulley6.Crowbar8.Wedge9.Screw

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