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A_(1) and A_(2) are two vector...

`A_(1)` and `A_(2)` are two vectors such that `|A_(1)| = 3 , |A_(2)| = 5` and `|A_(1)+A_(2)| = 5` the value of `(2A_(1)+3A_(2)).(2A_(1)-2A_(2))` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello everyone I start a question that even equal to 3 and more day to equal to 5 and mode A + 1 + 2 equal to buy the value of oneplus 3 to include 211 - 2 way to is 237 by 2 minus 123 - 3 27 by 2 and 33782 wap to find out your product of two A1 plus 3 a222a 1 -2 to do if you find it dot product of this will be

2 into 2 into 2 a 1 - cos plus minus minus and then to a 1 into two way to do this will be to anyone in 2282 so yes I was + Italy + then 3 into 2 into 2 A1 and now the sign-in Re -2 32222 official this we will get

aur Mod level square - 411 in a one into a 2 + 6 level into a 2 - 6 Mod Tu Is it is all further we will get over a one model square + 66 - 411 to show the answer for this two plus two A1 A2 - 6 Mod to square now here we see that we don't have the way

42 in 27282 so we need to find out the value to a one into a to for that lets this equation 1 now to find out the value of 281-282 so if we take a 1 + 2 and be multiplied with a 1 + 2 this will be Mod A1 plus two whole square and we find product of this one this will be a one square + 27282 + 2 square and this will be as it is a oneplus 2

now v v s this A1 and A2 to decide to the right hand side to do what is left left hand side it will be 211 into a to this will be and that it will be a 1 + 2 whole square minus design will change even whole square minus 21 to 25 square minus b square minus y square so this and this will be eliminated and the final final will be -3

the value of 2 into a 128 - 3 whole square so we can set this value to equation what happens during from equation one can right over you want a square + 2 11 into E2 - 6 visit in the value will be the value of a one more day one square is 33 find the value of 2 into a 19.2 that is

minus 3 x square - 6 and value of this one is the value of 5 square if its all this we will get these three square is 9 and 24 that is 36 plus minus minus and 3 square is 9 and this is again - and Square files 25 and went to devise X 86150 financial will be - 123 so it it is their currencies - 122

correct answer is minus 123 thank you