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A Young's double -slit experim...

A Young's double -slit experiment is performed using monochromatic light of wavelength `lambda`. The intensity of light at a point on the screen, where the path difference is `lambda` is K units. The intensity of light at a point where the path difference is `lambda/6` is given by `(nK)/12`, where n is an integer. The value of n is ____________


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welcome to Dot Net English question given a young double slit monochromatic light of wavelength Lambda intensity of the light and on the difference between the difference is given in 25 then what is the value of n 2n resultant intensity on the screen and this is equal to left into different

then we can calculate Lambda and the light of the wavelength Lambda Lambda the resultant intensity I is equal to under root 2 cos A is equal to

2 into root under light intensity and write an equal and this is equal to I not then we can write the value of Y is equal to I know I not going to enter into one workbook to INR intensity of light at the point having the past difference is

claimed by then we can write I not equal to OK then what do I not I know I not into INR into 5 equal to solve

bike not I not into World One by resultant equal to 1 by 2 ok is equal to 3 by 4 intensity I is equal to 3 into 3 equal to 3 by 4 and this resultant intensity is given in this question and this is equal to in CI by

12 ok this is equal to buy under one of them from here we can see the value of n is equal to 9 and 9 is integer right answer of thank you

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