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Class 12






The Law Of Conservation Of Momentum. Centre Of Mass


A wooden block of 5.0 kg mass ...

Text Solution

Answer : 670 m/s
Solution : Take the coordinate axis to coincide with lhe direction of the bullet.s flight. Let the mass of the bullet be m and the mass of the block be M. By the law of conservation of momentum mv = (M + m) u, where v and u are the projections of the velocity of the bullet and of the block after it is hit by the bullet. A force of friction acts on the sliding block in the opposite direction to the velocity vector: T = = - µg (M + m). The acceleration of the block is `a= T//(M + m) = = -µg`. The block comes lo rest after travelling a distance l, therefore `O - u^(2) = 2al` , or `u = -sqrt(2µgl)`. Hence <br> `v=(M+m)/msqrt(2mugl)` <br> Substituting numerical values and noting that `m ltlt `M, we obtain the value of the velocity cited in the answer.

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