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A wooden block floating in a b...

A wooden block floating in a bucket of water has 4/5 of its volume submerged. When certain amount of an oil is poured into the bucket, it is found that the block is just under the oil surface with half of its volume under water and half in oil. The density of oil relative to that of water is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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hello Babu photo 13.4 it is found that the half of the water situation in the first a wooden block out of the water 4.5 calling inside the water

song of the density of the block the density of the block bill what is the relation between density of the block and the density of the water so that we can buy density of the block upon density of water deputy density of the of the depth of the patient

when what is update this part has density this is a water it has the density the water and half of the body so what we can say that that that is the weight of the block oil path by the water so the weight of the density of the block

volume of the block of the liquid display the volume of the doctor was called the photo that volume of the block 8205 that is equal to 5 by 2 true of the water but give you open 5

X water chaupai so we can take 10 water water is equal to drop the point by oil admission of guilt 0.6

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