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Class 12






Mock Test27


A wire of resistance 20 Omega ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`5 Omega``20 Omega``10 Omega``15 Omega`

Answer : A


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wire of resistance 20 ohm is bent to form a complete circle the resistance between two diametrically opposite points A and B as shown in the figure is we are given that resistance of wire 22 which is bent to form a complete circle since the same wire is bent to form a circle so the length of the wire remains unchanged when we take resistance at any two points diametrically opposite to each other then the wire access to resistance in parallel Vinod the relation between resistance and the length of the wire is given as equal to 2 into x square is the length of the wire is the area of the wire rope is the resistivity of the wire and R is the resistance of the wire making this equation is first equation and when we found the circle and choose two diametrically opposite points then we get potential junction after the half length of the wire

electrically divided into the length to under new resistance is Rs is equal to 2 into 2 area where we can see that this role is are so ideas is equal to our way to end the question we have given the resistance of the wire 2020 divide by 2 is equal to 10 ohm is equal to 10 home is the resistance of each wire segment Sohar equivalent is equal to Aadesh into artist / address + address which is 10 into 10 / 10 plus

which is equal to 5 this is the answer now let see which option is matching our answer option is the correct option


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