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Class 12






Magnetic Field And Magnetic Forces


A wire of mass m and length l ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`(msqrt(2gssin theta))/(Bl)``(mv)/(Bl)``(msqrt(2gssin theta))/(Bl cos theta)`information insufficient

Answer : (a,b)
Solution : When a charge is passed through a wire, a current flows in the wire (for a very small time). As a result of this, the wire experiences a magnetic force for a very small duration, i.e., during the time for which charge has been passed through the wire, due to which it acquires some velocity, then onwards, it moves under gravity. For the wire to move up the incline, the positive charge has to pass through the wire in a direction coinciding with into the plane of paper. <br> `F_m=IBl=(dq)/(dt)xxBl=ma` <br> [For this small duration dt, we can neglect gravitational force because I would be very large due to small passage time of charge.] <br> `implies m(dv)/(dt)=(dq)/(dt)xxBl implies mdv=dqxxBl` <br> `implies mv=qxxBl` <br> `implies v=(qxxBl)/m implies q=(mv)/(Bl)` <br> where q is the charge passed through the wire and v is the velocity aquired by the wire just after charge had been passed through it. <br> From kinamatics, `v^2=2g sin theta s` <br> `q=(msqrt(2gssin theta))/(Bl)`<br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello we're giving two question and question says a wire of mass M and length L is placed on a smooth incline making an angle theta with the horizontal front view is given when a finite amount of charge is passed through it right when a finite amount of charges passing through this the white images with quotes on the law setting requires some velocity and send the implied by distance is it a sentence by distance as for the small direction between neglect the gravitational force is because the current can be considered very very large due to small dual time duration of charge pass for the wireless what so according to this sense current is current is coming out of the people write the force would be in this direction magnetic force according to the rights and slapping right but weak in

start is according to the forces in the extraction of what that would be a wire of mass M is of mass M and length L super force magnetic force force can be written as I had to be in the distance is in the length of the wire is that can be written as current can be written as it into into a rate that causes the acceleration this course is causing the acceleration that equal to write what we can write from here is that in the why did it can write acceleration to be done by heating VL

from here we can remove this differentiating terms so what we can write is BSNL account enable a constant the DMV by DT blq DP now we would have to be equal to Delhi from here that charge amount of charge with equal to MB by BL right amount of charge now if this is the amount of charge passing it to our first answer is Angry Bird this is also correct now when we substitute according to kinematics 20

sin theta into the distance travelled right so here's what we can say that the amount of charge from here we can write V to be equal to the approval of sin theta in right ear what we can write is this M2 vs Sin theta by 2 into 10 according to Kinder correct is sin theta by PM socket and oxygen we are the correct answers

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