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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> A wire of length `l` and resistance R is bent in form of square as shown in figure. If E is a mid point of side D,A, then equivalent resistance between points E& A is:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone that started question questions is that a wire of length L and resistance R rent in Palm square if is the midpoint of side the equivalent resistance between a and n 764 7:30 2716 and 7 are bhai in question is given that there is a wire that say this is a wire of length L and resistance is are ok now this is bent in the form of a square hole in the figure if the resistance of the whole virus are and it is formed in the It is form like this

so in the square is site side is always same it will divide the hour into four equal parts so we write resistance of a site as a r y and because if you see to take this point suppose here the starting the wire and be moving a b c and again we're coming to a OK so we see that the resistance if you take resistance between a and b n c c and d and it will be in the form of series will be in series combination what we do the formula for equivalent resistance is

resistance across AB + BC + CD + resistance across write 4 + are you will get are so Origins and is correct now moving to the next part now we see here that question is asked to find the resistance between A and E Sandesh distance to distance ok so here we see that have that is the half of what we can write we can write a sequel to half of a so resistance will also be half

resistance across will be it will be hard for me to get is equal to show their residences by 8 and this one also are by 8 so in question we need to find out our equivalent across and again if we draw the diagram across a solid se Drishti registence across a which is which are my heart by 8 and from the resistance is connected ok which is also a r y

now from Dee to see another instance is connected which is RBI and then from C to be another instance that is urban or and then from B to a another instance which ry4 if we see the resistance across the resistance across a and if we see that the DC c b and B are connected in series where is the is connected to them in parallel fashion so we can write are dash that is equivalent to the dccb and it will be

RBI 8 plus 4 by 4 + 4 + 4 because so if you solve this will get our plus 2 H plus two are less you are charges will get 7 R8 we see that this are dash is connected to a parallel fashion we can write if you valence or we see that it is in parallel so we can write one by equivalent equal to 1 by a dash which is 7

plus the which is at the week and right here 1 by 8 if we put the value the value of heart disease 7r by 8 + 1 by now if you solve this we will get 878 LCM 7ari Naresh 7r and this 18 + 56

so handsome will be 64 by 7 hour this is for one by the water we are equivalent are equivalent will be 764 if you see the options so this option 764 is the correct answer write correct answer answer is 7564 thank you

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