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Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : C::D
Solution : a.In resistors (in series) potential drops in direct ratio of resistance and in capcitors (in series) potential drops in inverse ratii of capacitance. <br> `18-V_a=(6/(6+3))(18)` <br> `:. V_a=6V` <br> `18-V_b=(3/(6+3))(18)` <br> `V_b=12V` <br> b. `V_(3muF)=V_(3Omega)=iR=((18+0)/(6+3)(3)=6V` <br> `:. V_b-0=6V` <br> `:. V_b=6V` <br> d. initially <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `q=C_(net)V=(2muF)(18)` <br> `=36muC` <br> finally <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `q_1=72muC` <br> `q_2=18muC` <br> Charge flow from S=(Final charge on plates `p` and `r` )- (initial charges on plates `p` and `r`) <br> `=(-72+18)-(-36+36)` <br> `=-54muC`


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hello student in a given circuit ok there are two resistance and the two capacitor arrange and one is the switch is present in between these points ok so there are four options are we want to calculate each and every one by one first of all that says that what is the potential at a point where is the a that is a point a type and the with respect to point B with respect to point B so you want to calculate the potential difference between a and b is when the switch is open in a condition which is open Ok guys switch open when the switch is open these two resistance that is a pics of and that is a few minutes and the 6 microfarad and the Three micro Farad capacitor in series combination of so we can calculate the equivalent for that particular one side ok let's suppose

what is the current is a iron + 3 is equal and 29 and what is the potential is given that is 18 because there is a v18 and that is a second one is equivalent to a v / are equal and so we are getting a 18 to a of getting a value of a 1 is equal to 2 mp is equivalent to a 5 x 3 ohm resistor so we a is equal to 1 is equal and 282 because that is a series combination and three on that is a three so we are getting a 6 volt so potential at a point that is a 6 volt calculate the potential to be the first of all we calculate the equivalent so Steel equivalent is equivalent to IST

Titu upon 1 + 2 duo series combination of case of the right here that is a 6 x 3 and A6 plus 3 so we are getting up divided by 9 is equal to 2 microfarad so we are getting her to micro Farad that is an excellent ok to calculate a potential it be first of all we calculate the unit so net charge because we know that Q is equal to AC violent and to a potential V ok so sequel and we are getting AC current is equal to a to so cute net is equal to a sequel and 2 microfarad and what is the potential the over potential that is a given is 18 so we are getting a 36 microcoulomb net charge on that that is a 36 micro coulomb

8b is equivalent to work upon so what is the queue we want to calculate that is a cube is 36 microcoulomb that is a chat vichar flow in both capacitor equal and what is the capacitor and other nice condition that is 83 micro Farad should we are getting a 12 volt we are getting a b and we both of them so next step is potential of with respect to be so we can write v e - of VB what is the mean that is a 6 volt what is the way that is a 12 or so we are getting that the negative of a 6 volt the first option is correct that is answer is a - of 6 v s options which point for B is at a higher potential and you can see guys the potential of a b is greater than of a ok

as optional also complete potential at b is greater than the potential of a condition ask about the next that is a switch as is a close to what is the condition is a when the switch is a closed eyes so we are derived that expression also that is a capacitor resistance and that is now that is a first capacitor and that is a second capacitor are connected that is a second condition when the switch is closed source which is close to that is a form in that way so that it is a potential 18 volt that is a zero that is our past the distance that is a system that is our second largest and that is a 3 ohm ok capacitor 6 microfarad and that is a free micro that we know that that

1 unit is equal and 236 microcoulomb abhi to ground when the switch has a closed in that particular case guys you know that when the switch is a screw so potential of a and potential for respect to ground is becomes equal so we can still be a is equal to a b b is equal to a 6 volt that is equal protection last so and you know that total even given that is a unit is equal to 36 micro next 1 to calculate that the current flow in that plants that is there to a what is the potential so we are getting that is a 12 volt and what is the pot

that is a 6 volt and the potential for a first capacitor is also a 12 volt and the potential for a second capacitor is also 6 what we are getting the sea and we both are values are here ok so here calculate the charge flowing for that so first of all we use that quantities hockey and we can calculate cube is equal to that the Q1 is equal to our C1 and even so it is thus even that is a 6 microfarad and what is the voltage that is a 12 so we are getting that is a 72 microcoulomb calculate the charge flow is equal to see to into a week to show is equivalent to that is a 2.3 microfarad and multi level 6 so that is a we are getting a 3 microcoulomb are placed on the charge flow Socha flow from a that

is applied to a 72 micro charges will be transfer here that is a 18 so how many charges will be flow from a date sheet so we can subtract them so now we are subtract them to flow from sea floor from state so we calculate that by the subtraction so we are getting 72 microcoulomb and minus offer18 micro so we are getting that is a 54 micro coulomb charge will be flow from a switch thank you so much

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