Updated on:26/04/2023

(a) What are the advantages of electical method of magnetization ?
(b) What are the uses of electromagnets ?


Text Solution

(a) (i) They can be easily magnetized or demagnetized by turning the current on or off in the coil.
(ii) They can be made stronger than any other permanent magnet.
(iii) Poles of an electromagnet can be interchanged by reversing the direction of the current. This is not possible in case of permanent magnet.
(iv) Increase in the amount of current passing through the coil increases the strength of the electromangnet.
(v) Increase in the number of turns of coil increases the strength of the electromagnet.
Uses of electromagnets:
(i) Loading or unloading heavy loads at shipyard, collecting the iron pieces from the scrap, etc.
(ii) Used to remove samll bits of iron lodged in the eyes.
(iii) Used to show directions.
(iv) Used in electric bells, loud speakers, motors, etc.
(v) Used in galvanometer, voltmeter and ammeter.


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