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Class 11






Rigid Body Dynamics 1


A weightless rod of length l w...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `sqrt((gl)/2)`
Solution : `a=a_(t)sinalpha-a_(c)cos alpha` <br> At the time of separation <br> For `M, SigmaF_(x)=0` and `a=0` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Acceleratin of the load in horizontal direction <br> `a=0=a_(1)sinalpha-v^(2)/lcosalpha` <br> `a_(t)sinalpha=(v^(2))/lcosalpha` <br> But `a_(t)=gcosalpha` <br> Hence `v=sqrt(gl sin alpha)` <br> `u=vsinalpha=sinalpha sqrt(gl sin alpha)` <br> `mgl=mgl sin alpha+(mv^(2))/2+1/2Mv^(2)sinalpha` <br> `M/m=(2-3sinalpha)/(sin^(3)alpha)=4` <br> `u=vsinalpha=1/2sqrt((gl)/2)`

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question Singh date of weightless rod of length L with smaller load of mass M at Indian hinged at point a ok 8.3.1 and apparently vertical position position touching the body of a light Jhak estate like that a given up for what ratio capital and small pot neck and angle 56 with horizontal at the moment of separation from the body ok so what will you do if all the draught decision in India

this is critical angle ok ok sari detail ground ok and that is the point where their bodies in and after sometime rod that it will be seen that ok like that at that time small Ham bol ok at that time the small can have a net Association like this in the direction direction this is net expression in that direction in it

MG download ok and you see that here for centripetal acceleration which is acting Ahir attendance lesson wishes 80 will be acting introduction before separation the before separation the vertical component of small clock will be equal to horizontal sorry the vertical horizontal component of small Block with velocity of capital and block in that direction but will be equal to how much you consider you blocked and isolation of isolation of horizontal direction of a small block which is Air Force equal to

MLA in Haryana and consider ok so according to diagram we can see here that we can see here that this Sangli how much I considered this English Alpha so according to according to this if this is Alpha Alpha Alpha around here horizontal component is I consider it until age 22 - correct ok so what will be right here we write here 10th utilisation essay that will to how much square by arduino and IR

what is velocity of a small block ok so you know if you write the horizontal direction a solution which is ah so what is done that value that will be equal to u c h s like that at that Sohar Central component of AC will be introduction ok ah block that mis call to horizontal component of horizontal component of horizontal component of air will be how much much - ka

Kaisi you'll find out here sin alpha minus A into cos alpha ok now you know that small black and purple and black here normal force is acting as a normal forces acting on it and we'll be here in capital club Nagpur to Indore direction ok force is responsible for motion after is capital or so we write in the f net barabar m into a Newton law of motion according to apply on capital employed to what you right here right ear when small and capital in both are in touch small and capital hm then and capital will be normal and additional to mass of the capital in body and to a solution that is the horizontal component which is that this

when the contact is live just leaving the contact number 202 that will be zero value equal to M into air what is it into sin alpha minus A square B L into Castle and you know that in the according to figure if I want to see you that I want to see that what what is responsible for 88 only come due to due to MG duty ji component of the direction means mg of gravity which is ji ji the the component of G in 80 direction will be give the value of 80 what is the 88 is nothing but because Alpha cos alpha because this is the ji and here is a 80 and angle

Alpha so this is the ji cos alpha which is it ok cos alpha into sin alpha minus b square by 2 into cos not to do that and capital M20 so here you will find out the value of BC is equal to BC equal to under root 9 Alpha now horizontal component of DC just separation will be equal to Capital body ok I draw a hydro here like that body body and just before suppression the horizontal component of small block will be equal to

rashtriy couple embody a constant velocity initially told you so that is the you that this component of this is final will come to you ok so what is the value of you use to sin alpha into underwood GR Sankalpa GR Sankalpa l sin alpha and body ok now if work power energy ISO Instagram if apply initially blockage from here and it go here so I apply that 123 energy point a n d u c that whole length is how much that is and how much this length disadvantage l sin alpha

l sin alpha and how much remaining length that will be equal to minus Alpha Alpha wishes 1 - sin alpha into Saudi video song land that is energy into change in diet that is L bracket 1 - sin alpha is equal to how much in kinetic energy and what is the Harkat lambadi you square + 3 small body of M which is why the value of AC and you will find out that you will find a M G L bracket man 11 - sin alpha is equal to

capital and used to calculate year what is the value of you you Alpha square into a sin alpha + sin alpha + what is the value of half Alpha ok after it is said that we have to calculate the ratio of small and cut them at the angle of Pi by 6 ft Alpha is equal to pi by 6 schedule find out you'll find out the value of Elements Mall Empress you ok so after putting the privacy will find out small small mgl into 12 equal to capital and

1 by 4 and visual to how much into the switch to how much 1 by 2 and this is equal to 1 by 2 + small mgl indochina 11124 after calculating this will cancel out in each and every so you'll see your debt capital and small and ratio is how much for the first and second part it is asking that if taken part you see that we have to calculate the velocity of you will ask you are the body at the moment of this and just living soap rashtriy how much sin a sin alpha

Alpha how much Alpesh 602 thank you

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