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The Law Of Conservation Of Energy In Newtonian Mechanics


A weight of mass m hangs on a ...

A weight of mass m hangs on a thread. The thread is deflected by an angle `alpha_0` and let go. Find the tension of the thread as a function of the angle `alpha` .

Text Solution

Answer : `mg(3cos alpha -2 cos alpha_0)`
Solution : In the direction normal to the velocity the forces acting on the weight are the tension of the thread T and the component of the force of gravity, `F_2 = mg cos alpha` (Fig. ). According to Newton.s second law <br> `T-F_(2) = mv^(2)//l` <br> To find the velocity apply the law of conservation of energy <br> `mgh_(0) = mgh +mv^2//2` <br> Hence <br> `T = mg cos alpha +(2mg)/l (h_0 -h)` <br> However , `h_(0) = 1 (1- cosalpha_(0)), h = l ( 1 - cos alpha) , ` therefore `h_0 -h = l (cos alpha_(0) - cosalpha_0)` <br> Substituting into the expression for the tension of the thread we obtain <br> `T = mg (3 cos alpha - 2 cos alpha_0)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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