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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> A wedge of mass 4m is initially at rest on frictionles horizotnal surface. A small block of mass `m` moving with speed `v_(0)` and climbs on wedge. Find maximum height achieved by block

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello the problem states that a wedge of mass 4m is initially at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface transport block of mass M moving with a velocity v and plan on the best we have to find the maximum height achieved by the so you didn't see the situation that the smaller is climbing of the bulge at is the best is on the frictionless surface it will also start Sector 32 market president at the ready quotes point will come when the speed of the smaller and the wedge will be saved in X direction but at that time was properly having some speed and direction to that it will keep on playing on the back so let's understand the situation

initially this is the veg Padma Puran which is this small is climbing up with the speed so point there will be no contact between the wedge and the block and at this instant to get into block B move with the same speed and acceleration but this blog will be having some speech in One Direction as well so let's call it is the first kiss this is the second case

so we can see taking the smaller + research we can say that net external force in X direction so that some Momentum will be conserved Subah Ka Suraj initial Momentum is equal to find the momentum will be having MB and finally they will be having smaller misery MBA and the witch's away superhero can see the what is the value of PH values they not by the speed of the speed of the block and the best in X direction no let's see the

situation now what is a of the wedges and there is no external force and acceleration of the block B having the same speed BF with the poet describe it is at the directions to this river with decrease block reaches its maximum height is the situation at that time the judge must be moving with a speed with an acceleration and invite direction its speed will become jio it is at its maximum height no we can know conserve the energy between the situation first and third UAE + 3

is equal to X + here there are no equation what is the initial potential energy it is energy of the system is the kinetic energy lies with the smaller that will be noticed what about the final potential energy it would be as much as the smaller as to the Heritage let's write the final kinetic energy of the positive energy will like with the end that energy would be mass of the poem what is pH PH value we not by 5 then kinetic energy of the small and that is half and

what what is the axis be not by 5% let's solve it so small cat cancel of two we are getting the not a square b + b square by notice let's rear engine that 1 by 2 minus 25 is what 50

psl C5 - show 20 by 50 M 25 is what 50 and this would be defined by 5.5

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