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Class 12






Wave On String


A wave pulse, travelling on a ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`v' gt v``v' = v``v' lt v`nothing can be said about the relation of `v` and `v'`.

Answer : C
Solution : Second is denser so speed will decrease.

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hello Pawan a wave pulse traveling on topi string get parcel reflected and partially transmitted at the junction the reflected wave is inverted in tape compared to the incident 1 then the incident wave has a velocity v and transmitted have a velocity vedistry have to compare the two to draw a string necklace this is a string and this is the junction point This is new and this is you don't know anything except this if you see in the reflected wave is inverted in C so basically when the wave goes from this medium 12 medium to it goes like this and it get reflect reverted if you see it's tape got inverted

basically this junction point is behaving as the fixed and behaviour as a fixed in case of fixed and the wave after reflection the wave get inverted so basically this new dash is more than me when the uterus is more than you then only the junction point O will behave as the extent or else if if the case will be inverted in Reverse bias is less than you and will behave as friend right so if you see if it is behaving like this and you is having relation like this so we know that the velocity is equal to under root by me so if I say that the velocity of the reflected wave is we and

M dasvi dash rate so I will I don't be by Vedas is equal to under root of nude Art By new and you can see the moon by Mu will be more than one so we can write down here we buy V dash is more than one so the velocity of this is reflected wave will be more than the transmitted via the transmitted wave in the transmitted wave the medium is having more and it is inversely related with under root mean you can see from here so I knew is more the velocity will be less is more than we dash so US Visa more than Vedas sources the correct thank you

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