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Jee Mains


A vector is inclined at (pi)/(...

A vector is inclined at `(pi)/(4)` rad with x-axis `(pi)/(3)` rad with y-axis then find angle of vector with z-axis

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone that start the question question that is aligned with access private variable Y and Z to find the angle with Z Axis this is a vector plot graph it will be like this suppose this is a this is access this is the y-axis and this one z-axis so if you take anyway if you take any vector support like this so it is making angle

4 with x axis and y axis is making 32 where to find out the angle made with the z-axis that this is a naming factor as ok so what we can write for any vector Hindi three dimension we can write equal to a Cos pi by 4 so it is in the Axe with X we can write in vector I am I cap +

why we can write cos I'm ok so direct is making 583 with y axis and Jacob aur y axis Axis cos theta ki cap now if we assume that the magnitude of vector in a week and write ek World Youth under we can write equal to root under a Cos pi by 4 whole square

3 whole square + cos theta whole square now we can write a PT 1 a common take out of root it will be equal to root under so we cannot hear Cos pi by 4 that is 1 by root 2 and if it is square of 1 to it will be 1 by 2 + Cos pi by 3 which is 1 by 2 and if it is square of 1 by 2 is 1 by 2 then it will be 1 by 4 and year

cos theta now here we see that a and a is cancelled out and here left one we can write 1 equal to root under 1 by 2 + 1 by 4 + cos square theta and you remove the square it will be 1 by 2 + 14 + cos square theta equal to 1 and if it it is 1 by 2 + 1 is equal to the right side it will be cos square theta equal to 1 minus 1 by 2 + 1 by

aur sweet will be aur to plus one and it will be one minus 3 by 4 and will be equal to 1 by 4 so what we got we got cos square theta equal to 1 by 4 now you find cos theta if root of 144 will be cos theta equal to plus minus 1 by 2 so so when we can get one by two if the teeth are here we can get two cases

pi by 3 then we can get cos theta equal to 1 by 2 if sin is posited that is + 1 by 2 and that it is 2553 then we'll get -12 so disturb in the answer we have we have to pi by 3 Radian to pi 3 Radian so this is the correct answer we can write correct answer is correct

answer is to I by 3 Radian thank you


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