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A uniform wire of resistance =...

A uniform wire of resistance `=3Omega` and length `l` is stretched to double its length. Now it is bent to form a circular loop and two point `P & Q` lies on the loop such that they subtend `60^(@)` angle at centre. The equivalent resistance between two point P & Q is:


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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hello the problem A uniform wire of resistance 3 ohm and length L is stretched to double its length now it is bent to form a circular loop at two points P and Q lie on the look for such that they have the length and its area is a know it is stretched to double its length so that it has been stretched to the limit

product of two wheeler constant is the length is doubled that does MI area would be half its let's Princeton floors and that is equal to zero and resistance is written into an upon the value of become artists that is true in to elders of status True Value means in Aise Mat releasing the what is the newly what is the new area area it is 4 times of profile by the value for approval by a 32312 this is the nearest we have a wire of resistance value and it is bad

circular loop lies on the roof surface that is at an angle 60 degree at the centre so let's understand this but to be hai this its total resistance is 12 and these are the two points P and Q features of tending to till then the length of this part is directly related to the length of the area and metrolist will be the length of this part will be the 60 degree can be written by b r l length of this this part 3

so let's this is the equivalent resistance R1 and the remaining part as the equivalent resistance of earth now we have to write the value of carbonate as the internet to bhaiya the total resistance per unit length Google business would be 12.2 Paya know we have to find for the resistance R1 R1 is the length of fire by I will be having when upon 25 by our that is true and that's what are one

what about 8 to 10 - 282 total distance of 12 and this is to update with Tenu so Atlas v two resistances about point P and Q which has the value to and Tenu Pyar connected parallel so we can find the equivalent resistance when they are equivalent is equals to 1 by 1 + 1 by 8 so that would become that is 6.2 the equivalent is 10 basic or we can also write which is given to us

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