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Class 12






Current Electricity


A uniform wire of resistance 1...

A uniform wire of resistance `18 Omega` is bent in the form of a circle. The effective resistance across the points a and b is <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`3Omega``2 Omega``2.5Omega``6Omega`

Answer : C
Solution : `R_(ab)=((3xx15))/(3+15)=2.5Omega` <br> As `R_(60^@)=(18/(360^@))(60^@)=3Omega`


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in this problem we have given a uniform wire of resistance 18 ohm is bent into into the form of a circle the effective resistance across the points A and B to find the effective resistance across A and B ok to add we can say if current coming from here the current will divided into two parts over here OK so the current if I current is coming over here that means I want will go in this way and I to will go this in this way and what will merge over here and I will come out after merging ok so that means we used to combinations of resistance will be in parallel the this and this will be in parallel to if 360 degree the resistance is 18 then 1 Degree it will be equal to 18 upon 360 and the for 60 degree it will

218 upon 360 into 60 so this will be = 23 24 60 degree the resistance 3 ohm show this R2 is considered h3o this are one will be considered as 18 - 3 that means 15o and both are in parallel to are equivalent across a will be equal to R1 R2 upon R1 plus r22 R1 age 15 into 3 upon 3 + 3 Pro 15 into 3 upon 18/3 will cancel 18693 will cancel 6 by 2 X and 15 15 time so are equivalent across a b are equivalent across a b will be equals to 15 upon to home so this will be equals to sorry

12 ohm 5.2 ohm this will be equals to 2.5 ohm is the equivalent resistance across a and b is the answer of this problem thank you


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