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A uniform solid sphere of radi...

A uniform solid sphere of radius R has a cavity of radius 1m cut from it if centre of mass of the system lies at the periphery of the cavity then <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JM_20_M2_20200108_PHY_08_Q01.png" width="80%">


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(R^2 + R + 1) (2–R) = 1``(R^2 – R – 1) (2–R) = 1``(R^2 – R + 1) (2–R) = 1``(R^2 + R – 1) (2–R) = 1`

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello proven a uniform solid sphere of radius R has a cavity of radius 1 m cut from the centre of mass of the system lies at the Periphery of the cavity then you ought to see which of the following relation is the correct this is these are the relations so if you see it is given that this cutted part have a radius of 1 metre weight and this whole system is having a radius of earth but this is having a radius of 1 M I will write this radius is R and the radius of this part is one very simple if you see this part is having a cornetto if you see this will be the content of this but it part and it is said that the sun

mass of the whole system is lying at the Periphery like here to find out the coordinates of the two points if I find the coordinates of the these two points if I take this point as origin zero zero then you could see already this point is at a distance of X and you can calculate the acts as I will write X is equals to our -1 and if I say this distance is x dash so you could see already this whole distance that this whole distances to diameter of this circle and if you subtract are - this Is there will get at that I will let ha distance is equals to the two are minors are and you could see it is on the left of the origin right so I will put a negative sign here and the co-ordinate of the it is cut part is positive and hair

very simple and this whole circle was having a centre of mass at origin before this part was cut it felt like this is the full fare and we cut this portrait so if you see this full screen this full spare was having a co-ordinate of centre of mass at this and this is having a centre of mass and as we calculated is our -10 very simple and the centre of mass unit of this system lies at Axis zero and x minus 2 minus 8 0 to the centre of mass co-ordinate is -2 are

0 that is are -2 comma very simple now just applied the formula I will write c o m is equals to 1 X 1 - m2x 2nd reason I will write I am 1 -2 now you could be the next one is zero hair and we can calculate the masses and I will write and 1 is equals to the volume that is 45 by 3rq into density and M2 will be volume that is 453 1 crore INR to euro rate to put the values here so I will write - M2 that is 45 B three row and X2 we already have seen their it it is our

and if I divide this with a 1 -2 so 4583 I will take common and and I will write R cube minus and the centre of mass coronavirus the system is our -22 this will be equal to our -2 simple so you can cancel out this 45304 5830 this you can see it is our -1 so I will Rita -1 and if you see this is a cube minus b cube so you can write a minus b into a square + b square + a way that is this so if you see this will be cancelled out hair by -19 so I will right here are minus 2 into our square

+ R + 1 is equals to minus one now check the options for options are these so if you see here we got the answer so you can get it as r squared plus R + 1 into 2 minus 6 is equals to 1 so this will be the relation and if you check for the option option is the correct option thank you

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